Running a dog school or just organizing dog training classes is a lot of work. And, instead of doing what you do best - work with your four (and two) legged students - you end up spending a lot of time with administrative tasks.

I am Lucian from “aimget courses” and dogs and software development are my two biggest passions. For more than ten years I worked with dog schools and experienced first hand how much time and effort is put in manual, secretarial and administrative work when organizing classes and how error prone that manual work can be.

Running dog trainings can benefit greatly from a modern system that automates the menial work and this is what “aimget courses” does. It is a hosted web service designed specifically for dog schools, where administrators can easily plan their courses and manage trainers, students, enrollments, waiting lists, participants feedback, invoicing, cash flow and revenues. “aimget courses” can save you approximately 1.5 hours per course participant as proved by aimget courses’s current, delighted users.

 Is it maybe time you take advantage of this yourself? Here's some stuff that aimget courses can do.

School administrator(s) can:

  • define categories of courses or activities (e.g. Agility, Obedience, Nose work, Playtime, etc.)
  • define and publish the course or activity offering.
  • make the structure of the course, training or activity easy to see and understand: start/end dates, time, days of the week, size of the group, trainer, content, theory-practice structure, location, price, etc.

Users, even unregistered, can then easily:

  • Browse courses by category or weekday, from destop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Get course details such as price, location, trainer, group size, available seats, etc.
  • Create an account or login with Facebook/Google/Linkedin/Twitter and safely store their and their dogs' information. This makes it much easier to enrolling to new courses - lowering the barrier for getting more training.

Registered users:

  • can easily maintain their information (address, phone, etc.) and their dogs' information (name, breed, date of birth), so that enrolling for a new course is only a couple of clicks away
  • can easily enroll to courses or add themselves to the course's waiting list when the course is full. Enrollment process allows users to tell the trainer any additional information they might need to, such as dog sensitivities, previous experience, etc.
  • automatically get a place to the course, if the user is on the waiting list and a place becomes available due to a cancellation
  • automatically get an enrollment email message with the course details, the invoice and the payment information
  • get a reminder before the start of the course, for example two or three days.
  • cancel the self-registration, but only up to a defined period before the start of the course.
  • automatically receive an invitation to the leave feedback for the course and trainer after the course ends
  • give feedback about the course and the instructor

Further, the school administrator(s) can:

  • customize the system behaviour and look
  • easily maintain users' information
  • define roles such as trainer(s) and designate other system administrator
  • define the content of the automated system messages, such as enrollment confirmation, invitation to the course before course starts, invitation to give feedback after course ends, etc.
  • track payment information and upload bank statements for easy marking of payment status
  • generate discount codes that customers can use
  • apply discounts and penalties and re-issue invoices
  • track the status of courses (numbered of enrolled users, or in the waiting list, canceled registrations, feedback)
  • maintain the course enrollments by directly enroling users or cancelling enrollments
  • overview the latest activity in the system (new enrollments, enrollment information updates, new feedback, etc.)
  • get statistics and reports such as counters for course types, enrollments, revenues
  • feedback from trainers.

Try out as admin a demo school and see how you can benefit from the rich set of features provided by aimget courses platform.